MONEYSHOT_30Y copy.jpg

30Y Bumper

Year 2020


Manuel Álvarez Fuentes

Awards y expositions:

Honorific mention Conclusiones Tec de Monterrey 2020


Jesús Sifuentes


Viridiana Palma

Touch device to slow down data delivery and thus increase digital privacy. Oriented towards the objective of Balancing human and artificial intelligence in 2050, part of the 5 established by The index project.  The intention is to reduce the gap in disinformation regarding the handling of our personal data as assets of an economy, which does not consider privacy as a fundamental principle of human dignity and its evolution.  The generation that is currently between 15 and 30 years old will be the most abundant in 30 years, and that by its density and data generation, they have a great responsibility to the DTIL objectives of 2050. 

The project was developed focusing on teenagers opinions, behavior, concerns and necessities, since they have a major interaction with social media. Through some surveys and interviews, they have expressed to be immersed on many platforms, but specially on Instagram or Tiktok, that is why the project deforms and analyzes the interaction with one of these two. Through a "Food design experience", two subjects were asked to do a usual navigation journey on their Instagrams (cutlery was their own gestures), but modified through the use of some stickers with cut patterns based on fingerprint structure (meal), so they could decide which pattern would be the best to apply on the final product. A pattern that did not hinder too much to don't use the cellphone at all, but not that smooth and easy as the glass of our actual devices.