Balance money box.

Year: 2018


Ian Ortega


Jesús Sifuentes 


Natalia Reyes

Viridiana Palma 


To design a product formed by a family under the topic «Daily souvenir/habitual rituals». This should be able to be produced on a small scale by local producers, and unified at group level with all the projects by the selection of materials and a coherent brand image. Doing an efficient transformation of the ash wood, using visually 90% of this, and an optional 10% of other material. And with a creative surprise that can work commercially.


Concept based on the use and meaning of the product in user’s life, represented in it’s ovoidal shape that maintains a stable balance by the weight of the introduced coins that symbolize the saving, so when it reaches it’s maximum capacity, they break the stability of the product making it fall down. Providing a creative surprise that will derive in it’s rupture such as a traditional money box that works later as a container of small objects.