Viridiana Palma Dominguez, a twenty-two-year-old Industrial Design student in one of the best Mexico's private universities.

I have taken many different design courses focused on the automotive area on Rigoletti design House S. C.(inactive nowadays) ,for the industrial and parametric design in AIDIA Design training Center, and a Product design towards sustainability certification in The Italian International Institute Lorenzo de' Medici.

"My aim as a future designer is to question the  objects purpose and reach, through the interpretation of them, believing that creativity and knowledge can seize the  impact in our environment. They do not only exist in terms of production, use and waste, but also as witnesses of our social evolution"

My language skills depart from Spanish as my native language, an intermediate level in English, ending with a basic  A1 level for Italian.

Life philosophy

"Remember that the one you are in this world, is going to remain in this world; introspection through life experience ,will let you transcend this human existence”

Current studies at

#3 QS LatAm University Rankings 2019 

Extra training at


The Mexican Institute of Stainless steel

Product design towards sustainability


Conscious Design Awards 

Best Design Student Projects 2020


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