Copia de BIOACUSTICA_01_WEB.jpg


Year: 2020

Awards and expositions:

- Honorific mention at Design week Mexico 2020, Inédito. 

- Best of the show Conclusiones 2020 Tec de Monterrey


- Miguel A. Arjona


Mariana Contreras

Roberto Díaz

Viridiana Palma

Body sound visualizing machines that serve to raise awareness of their existence through a “sound footprint” that varies from person to person and space. The body is an activator that defines the actions for each machine, resulting in a visual representation based on the theory “Kiki and Bouba” in the form of “auras”. The activation variations in these “auras” depend on 3 measurements of the sound: The frequency (number of repeats of the sound) for the throat or voice, the volume (intensity with which it is produced) for the hand, and the duration (time) for the head with which it is produced.

Copia de BIOACUSTICA_02_V2.jpg


The duration of the sound modifies the full or partial deployment of the two fans. The moment the sound stops, they start to descend.

Copia de BIOACUSTICA_04 v2.jpg


Variation of deployment in degrees of the fans depending on the intensity with which the sound of the hands is produced.

Copia de BIOACUSTICA_03.jpg


The sounds produced with the throat define whether the wave is severe or acute, resulting in a range of opaque purple tonality for bass and a bright yellow color for treble, exemplifying the theory of Kiki Bouba. Serious right. Left sharp, neutral does not move. (Yes/No/No)