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Visualizing machines of subtle bodily sounds to the human ear, which serve to make the user aware of their existence, through the amplification of these, and which result in a visual representation based on the theory "Kiki and Bouba" in the form of " auras “, where each one is activated depending on the frequency of these sounds.

In our everyday life, we produce little sounds that are just invisible for us as we already assumed them, but every sound we make has a meaning of what it is happening with our body and it's biological processes.

To make awareness from this matter, a visual and auditive experience is created when the body machines AMPLIFY them by playing them out loud like an ASMR and activates the machine "auras" that depend on the frequency that sound has been made. 


The color and shape of the auras are based on the theory of "Kiki & Bouba", which announces that Kiki is associated with sharp shapes, sounds, and bright colors, in comparison to Bouba which relates to more rounded shapes, bass sounds, and opaque colors. These crossing senses are the result of synesthesia, that allows you to have an immersive experience of your own body. 


Technology pace is unstoppable, A.I. is already between us, and the line between reality and virtual reality is becoming thicker and thicker, that is why we proposed a project where the human brain can still be conscious of our material nature and origin, taking into account as a purpose our mental health towards new social models, where your own body is your best resource.