Food design. Maíz nixtamalizado

Year: 2018

Awards and expositions:

- Conclusiones Tec de Monterrey at Squash 73. Best groupal project.


- Ian Ortega


- First phase:

Natalia Reyes & Viridiana palma

- Second and third phase:

Industrial design class of 2020

This project was divided in three main phases:

1. Redesign of a traditional Mexican dish containing nixtamalized corn

- Brief

Design and cook a traditional dish containing nixtamalized corn. This should be ingested without the need for pre-existing utensils, i.e. with your hands; taking into account that only the same ingredients of the recipe can be integrated but in different ways.

- Selected traditional dish: Red fruit tamal

2. Dinner

In this, as a class group we had to deliver a whole dinner experience in which the diners tasted our snacks based on the previous brief, taking nixtamalized corn as the most important element of the project.. The whole style intended to have a popular style from informal food vendors in Mexico city, but with an elegant touch with table linen and props. 

3. Food catering

Design experience where the diner tastes four different presentations of typical Mexican dishes, modified on it’s physical presentation, so they can get surprised and guess which dish is about. To complement the user experience, it was made a huge knolling wall which explained on a mind map, the ingredients of all developed dishes and their variations, positioning nixtmalized corn as the main source.