Hernández Cruz Funerary Services web page design

Year: 2020


Irving Cruz co-founder of Hernández Cruz Agencia de Servicios Funerarios


Antonio Misael Gutiérrez Delgado


Cindy Weiss 

Diana Villa 

Ilse Boehmer 

María Fernanda Bañuelos 

Valery Alanis 

Viridiana Palma 

Link to the website: https://hernandezcruzserviciosfunerarios.com/

Design of interactive media (web platform) in a period of 1 month, for Hernandez Cruz Funeral Services Agency, so that future customers can enter and learn more about their services.Developed with HTML & CSS in Wordpress, hosted by Godaddy and tracked by Tag Manager and Google Analytics. 

Arises from the inevitable need of the human (decease), and regrettably increased because of the situation that the world currently lives (COVID-19). The objective was to enhance the differentiators from other funeral homes, which are the local artisanal production of coffins in a little town in Mexico named Doxey and the Professional care guidance throughout the duel process. (Psychological service/Tanatology). 


- Strategic Plane (Business Model, Market Analysis)

- Key Decisions (Target Market, Positioning, Communication and Budget Objectives, Mission, Vision and Values)

- Positioning Statement (Brand Identity/Needs Transformed to Functional, Symbolic and Experiantial Benefits/Attributes)

- Outreach Strategy (Functional=software & content= requirements)

- Structure (Communication elements and functions)