Mazda coupé concept for 2020

Year: 2016

Awards and expositions:

- Honorific mention by improving the most in the less time. Rigoletti's Design House. 


- Alejandro Castañeda

Digital styling:

- Alejandro Castañeda


Viridiana Palma

Developed on Mazda's TD100 hrs. course at Rigoletti's Design House on 2016, as a formal coupé concept proposal for 2020. 

Mazda, a simple word of complex meaning representing wisdom, harmony and intelligence. A term inspired by Ahura Mazda, Iranian deity, the uncreated creator of everything. Its founder Jujiro Matsuda, who in 1967 after the catastrophe in Hiroshima, projected from that tragedy of enormous proportions an ideal of progress based on an automotive model, seeking quality with commitment, outstanding value and the experience of exciting handling.

Based on the emotion that brings me what masterfully dominates the KODO design, orient this project toward duality handling of surfaces, both delicate and aggressive; inspired by the essence of hand-turning in Japanese dances. Bodies and souls in motion, transmitting an endless of emotions. But clearly without losing the roots to our mother earth, comparable to the sporty grip that tires have when touching the asphalt.The bright, lush colors of kimonos are reflected in the bodywork, matching between lights and shadows.The power and cleanliness at engine start-up, evoking the powerful sound that the erupting Mount Fuji would produce.