Florence power station 

Year: 2019

Certification: Product design towards sustainability


Parking lot

Via Baccio Bandinelli-Firenze, Italy
Lat. 43a46’34” N-LONG. 11o13’40”E


Marco Sorito


Viridiana Palma 

As part of my Product design towards sustainability certification in Florence, Italy, we were asked to develop on a parking lot, a sustainable space with power stations that could satisfy the locals energy needs. We did an exhaustive solar path and local waste resources analysis, so we could propose a module that could be arranged on the space. The final individual proposal is a concrete module with a solar panel tilted 30º towards south east position, so it could absorbe the most solar light and produce enough solar power to feed the energy's demand needs. The module has three holes from where the light enters and functions as type of solar clock, from which depending on the tilt, it points towards the internal symbols which indicate the approximated watts that could be consumed.