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The rocking chairs

Year: 2019

Awards and expositions:

- Core 77 Design awards 2015 (a project by Jose de la O)


- José de la O


Mariana Derrant & Viridiana Palma


Viridiana Palma

The Chair That Rocks is a cultural and design initiative where designer Jose de la O & locals search to link designers and craftsmen from the town of Tlacotalpan, Veracruz, with the aim of rescuing endangered craft processes. The initiative has been active since 2015, where Designers from around the world have made a week-long residence to design and produce a utility object using these processes, Traditional Carpentry and Tinajeril Tlacotalpeña pottery. The proyect has received an honorable mention at the Core77 Awards as an educational initiative as well as several publications including “New Territories: Laboratories for Design and Art in Latin America” edited by the Museum of Art and Design in New York.

In this project I developed a reinterpretation of a traditional local chair used to take fresh air on the afternoons, it has been made in mahogany wood and handcrafted in collaboration with the carpenter Miguel Prieto, actual unique descendant of historical Prieto family. This experience was full of nature reconnection, flavors, colors, heritage, tradition and humanity. A research base area and re encounter with oneself in this technological age.